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We work with Security Firms

Discover Upesy: Your Complete Solution for Elevating Emergency Response Services. We provide customized, state-of-the-art mobile apps to security firms, fostering seamless collaboration among them and empowering them to deliver unparalleled emergency assistance

Custom Mobile App

We provide your security firm with a custom mobile app, capturing your brand, that enables your customers to trigger an emergency alert directly to your control room in case of an emergency

Web-Based Portal

We provide you a web-based portal for the control room, facilitating incident management, including features for monitoring incoming alerts, dispatching responders, and coordinating response efforts

Subscription Model

Your custom app enables you to charge your customers a monthly or annual subscription fee to access your services ensuring recurring revenue for firm and easy payment collection

Collaboration Network

You can opt to collaborate with other firms within the platform allowing you to extend your service coverage to areas where you have limited presence by leveraging the networks of other firms

Cost of Response

For collaborations, the cost of response is pre-defined by the responding firm within the system. When a responding firm provides assistance to a customer of another firm, the costs associated with the response are reconciled within the system

Automated Billing

For collaborations, billing for emergency response services is automated within the Upesy platform. The customer’s primary service provider is invoiced for the cost of response, and payment is made to the responding service provider

App Features

Experience our innovative app, crafted with state-of-the-art technology to meet your specific needs and elevate user experience. We tailor these core features to personalize the app for your brand, capturing your unique company essence and nuances

Easy sign-up

  • Simple, elegant onboarding slide-show
  • Register & Sign-in using phone number
  • 2-Step authentication with OTP
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Emergency Contacts

  • Add emergency contacts from phonebook
  • Unlimited number of emergency contacts
  • Add family, friends, emergency contact etc.

Trigger SOS

  • SOS on Security, Ambulance, Road Rescue
  • Emergency Contacts notified
  • Alert received at Control Room
  • Realtime tracking, live audio, free SMS
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Premium Service

  • Define packages for your customer
  • Set the pricing for each package
  • Payments via Card & M-Pesa


  • Post news, advisories etc. for your customers
  • All media enabled (Video, image, audio etc.)
  • Engage with your customers
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Other Features

  • Request friend/family to follow you on the app until you arrive at a destination
  • Turn on/off your location
  • Call Control Room from the App

Our Partners

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“Everyone wants to feel safe wherever they are, not just at home. Upesy enables that!”

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Vincent Awino

CTO, Upesy World

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